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Guidance Notes for CTC Ride Leaders

Before the ride

  1. In planning the route choose a suitable lunch and possible refreshment stops.

  2. Inform the ride co-ordinator* of the date, start point and time, destination or lunch stop, distance and terrain (eg flat, undulating or hilly). If speed other than normal, indicate. (eg 'brisk'.)

  3. If the ride has to be cancelled ensure that a group e-mail is sent out by 8.00am on the morning of the ride. If you don't have the appropriate addresses liaise with the ride coordinator*. This may be backed up by a Facebook message.

  4. Plan to bring with you tyre levers, a pump, basic tools and a mobile phone.

At the start

  1. List the names of everyone on the ride. Ask new riders to complete a Guest Entry form. (This list should be kept for a limited period but the number of members and guests on the ride should be communicated to the Secretary*.)

  2. Arrange for an experienced rider to act as back marker.

  3. Describe the intended route and likely stopping points, that we re-group at hill tops or junctions where we turn off, and explain that we wait until the back marker is ready to continue before doing so.

  4. Advise riders who go ahead of the leader, eg on hills, to wait at the top or at a junction, and that if they don't they are on their own and deemed to have left the ride.

  5. Ask anyone planning to leave the ride to inform you.

During the ride

  1. Inform the group of potential hazards such as:

  • steep hills;

  • narrow roads with blind corners;

  • poor surface (potholes, loose gravel);

  • traffic at junctions;

  • livestock, in particular sheep;

  1. (Note: It is good practice to point out hazards such as potholes by pointing to them, and of unexpected cars by calling "car down" if approaching or “car up” if from behind.)

  2. In the event of a holdup such as a puncture keep the group together until the problem is sorted unless this is going to jeopardise the ride, in this case make appropriate arrangements and carry on with the rest of the group.

  3. If a minor accident occurs arrange for someone qualified in the group to apply first aid. If the incident requires an ambulance or the police dial 999. In which case:

  • Record the time of the incident and where it occurred.

  • If a motor vehicle is involved describe it and note its registration number.

  • Photograph the scene and/or provide a sketch to assist in an enquiry.

  • If the incident has insurance implications phone the CTC accident line on 08447 368452 and ask for an Incident Report Form. Send the completed form to the CTC as indicated on the form.

For more information visit:


  Secretary and Rides Coordinator - * Ian Davies: [email protected]

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